IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences

Worldwide the sole producer of >97 atom % 13C-plants and components

We develop, produce and sell depleted, partially, and uniformly 13C-labelled (0.1 to >97 atom %13C) compounds derived from food plants, trees, herbs, algae, and fungi. These intrinsically labelled compounds are used as Stable Isotope Tracers and Internal Standards in research and diagnostics in the Life Sciences. We deliver our products to private companies and public research organisations worldwide.

IsoLife helps meeting your challenges with tracers and internal standards


Applying a 13C-tracer is like ringing birds to keep track of your plant components of interest.

Stable isotopes like 13C and 15N are completely safe and consumer-friendly as they are non-radioactive. Our products – with an isotopic abundance ranging from 0.1% to 99% – enable scientists in medical, nutritional, biochemical, ecological, and environmental sciences to track and trace transport and transformations in living organisms and the environment. For instance, products like 13C Cellulose are successfully applied as ‘positive biodegradation controls’ and are used in biochemical research to boost the speed of NMR analyses by >200 times, and in nutritional research to support health claims (Applications | Example Nutrition).

Internal Standard

Applying a 13C-internal standard is like adding an error-correcting yardstick to your samples.

You can accurately quantify your analytes, independent of time, place, sample composition, processing method, operator or apparatus used. Stable isotope-labelled phytochemicals or plant extracts are used as Internal Standards for quantification, and also for identification, and quality control of metabolites in natural, unlabelled samples by LC-MS or GC-MS techniques in metabolomics (Applications | Example Metabolomics).

IsoLife is a spin-off company of Wageningen UR, The Netherlands. IsoLife has its residence in Wageningen – City of Life Sciences – situated in the Dutch Food Valley and Health Valley.

We never tire our customers for reviews, but here are some spontaneous quotes from their emails:

“The package already arrived last Wednesday in good condition. It’s always a pleasure to work with you. I hope you have a good summer!”

“Keep us in mind if you are making ANY plant materials — again your corn is fantastic!!!”

“I sincerely thank you so much for your patience and time.”

“This is great news!!!!  Thank you so much for making this happen in time for our scientific expedition.”

“I’m so excited to be able to use this litter for our research!  Thank you again for the flexibility!!”

“Thanks for all your work on this — looking forward to working on all these lovely materials!!”

“Thank you for the fast service.  Happy Friday!”

“I am so happy to hear that 13C hemicellulose is available in your company with acceptable price.”

“I would like to share the two latest published new works in our group with your excellent samples, thanks again for your support.”

“Your company has been amazing for my projects”

“Thank you so much for your great support!”

“We have been very pleased with the potato tuber fiber to perform method development for human gut microbial studies”

We have been starting experimenting with the two analytes and we have excellent results!

“It would have been so much better to have had you guys as partners much earlier!”

Thank you so much! Deeply appreciated. This is really efficient!

“U-13C plant material reduces the measuring time by up to a factor of 220”

“You guys are really efficient – I am very impressed!”

FEM Business and Finance

IsoLife has been identified by FEM Business Tech 25 as one of 25 young, innovative companies who shake the market with brilliant ideas.

TechnoPartner Certificate

IsoLife has received the TechnoPartner Certificate from the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs for her ‘courage and perseverence to innovate‘.