IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences

R&D Projects & Partners

Since the start of IsoLife, we have continuously been investing in the development of new applications with uniformly (>97 atom%), intrinsically labelled whole plants or plant components, in co-operation with many enthusiastic partners – often united in consortia such as BASIS and JESIUM – resulting in the following projects.

Background information about techniques and isotope facilities can be found under Useful links.

2024-2028 (in prep)
27. New 13C-labelled food crops for health & nutrition research


2022-2027 (granted)
26. Unravelling the role of soil microbial communities in the formation and stabilisation of soil organic matter



2020-2024 (granted)
25. Lignin as intrinsic tracer for gastrointestinal transit behavior and feed digestion (LiFeTracer)


2019-2023 (granted)
24. The fate of nutrients captured in the dark films of mushroom compost


2017-2019 (granted)
23. Development of novel 13C-labelled algae




2016-2018 (granted)
22. Efficient co-extraction of 13C-labelled phytochemicals


2015-2016 (granted)
21. Feasibility of 13C-labelled plant extracts as internal standards in metabolomics studies in Life Sciences and Health. Enabling Technology Hotel Project. This project was made possible by

University Wageningen


2014-2018 (granted)
20. Optimizing early-life dietary carbohydrates to improve later-life metabolic health




2012-2016 (granted)
19. Protein bio-availability, gut barrier function and intestinal immunity

2010-2013 (granted)
18. Further development of advanced features of the plant labelling facility

17. Research on the development of health claims for food crops using 13C-labelling

2009-2015 (granted)
16. Development of an advanced 13C-trace gas detector

15. 13C-Oligosaccharide internal standards in clinical chemistry

2008 (granted)
14. Stable Isotope Probing with 13C in microbial ecology

13. Hemp oil and 13C-Internal Standards

12. Bioavailability of healthy components in 13C-Vegetables

11. Further development of advanced features of the plant labelling facility

10. Bioavailability of different 13C-Starches

2007 (granted)
9. Research on 13C-Internal Standards for metabolomics applications

8. Development of advanced features of the plant labelling facility

7. Bioavailability of healthy components in 13C-Vegetables

6. Bioavailability of different 13C-Starches

2006 (granted)

5. Method development 13C-Assimilate distribution in greenhouse cucumber

4. Project on plant methane emission (reprint New Phytologist article)

3. Development of 13C-Internal Standard methods for tomato and potato

2. Method development for purification of 13C-Phytosterols and 13C-Flavonoids

1. Short Chain Fatty Acids form 13C-Starch in relation to colon cancer