IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences


Plants produce the worlds widest array of chemical compounds in the natural world. Below you find an indicative selection of Uniformly (>97 atom % 13C) and Partially, intrinsically stable isotope labelled components from edible plants, trees, and herbs. Since 2018, we also provide 13C-depleted plants (0.1 atom % 13C).

Plant products can be delivered fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried, intact or ground – according your specifications!

Non-labelled products: for control purposes plants are also grown under similar
conditions in our labelling cabinets and contain < 1.2 atom %13C (close to natural abundance). Non-labelled Plant components and Phytochemical compounds are indicated as N-numbers. For more information please contact us

Lead times for products may rise to 6 months! Minimum volumes may apply for custom productions. Prices are valid while supplies last.