IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences


Welcome to the Careers section of IsoLife


IsoLife b.v. is searching:


Experienced Plant Biochemist – Entrepreneur

We are looking for a scientist with the ambition to further develop IsoLife‘s mission, with the intention to take over the management of IsoLife in the medium to long term, and with the capacity and possibilities to become a future (major) shareholder.


Job description:

-Initiate and coordinate R&D projects with academic and private partners

-Product- and business development with academic and business partners

-Biochemical and physiological support of productions of stable-isotopic labelled plant materials

-Enthusiastic presentations of IsoLife in academic and private R&D ambiances

-Co-guidance of IsoLife staff and PhD students.



-PhD and postdoc Plant Biochemistry / Biotechnology or comparable education and experience in the Life Sciences.

-Commercial skills and a sense of entrepreneurship are important prerequisites

-Relevant work experience with stable isotopes; business attitude and ambition

-Passion for developing high-value plant products in innovative Life Sciences

-Personality: communicative, creative, result-oriented, organizer, inspiring, analytical, proactive, team player, critical, broad view

-Language skills: excellent command of English and Dutch in word and writing is minimum requirement.


Our company:

IsoLife bv ( is a product company with a focus on contract research, from 2005 on global market leader and expert in the production, development and marketing of plants and phytochemicals enriched with stable isotopes (SI). This is performed in a worldwide unique labeling facility (‘space capsules’) at our laboratory on the Wageningen UR campus. Our aim is to advance Life Science R&D with SI tracers and internal standards, e.g. by publications in Nature and Science. Our international clientele includes many top-100 universities. IsoLife is unique with its plant-based products and services with a focus on nutrition and health research in humans and animals, and ecological research. The international clientele includes biotechnologists, ecologists, medici, gastroenterologists, plant breeders, chemists, physiologists and food scientists. Main territories are USA, EU, Japan, China, Canada, VK and Australia.

Thinking along with our (research) customers in the Life Sciences is a strong point of IsoLife. IsoLife cherishes its (inter)national network of customers, distributors, experts with hi-tech equipment and specialisms, such as analysis and extraction (including e.g. WUR, UC-Davis) and marketing, including e.g. Shoko Japan, CIL USA, Reertech PR China, Merck Millipore Sigma USA.


Your opportunities:

Employment and/or shareholding terms are negotiable.

If you are interested in the further development of IsoLife, please send your CV with a short introduction of your interests and skills, expertise and how you can contribute to IsoLife as a colleague, shareholder and executive to: