IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences

Labelling Services

IsoLife offers custom labelling services. Depending on your specific demands, two options are available to label your own plants:

1) We label your plants with 13CO2 in our facilities

2) We pulse-label your plants with 13CO2 in situ in your greenhouse or in your field

Labelling your plants in our facility

IsoLife provides customized, intrinsic 13CO2-labelling of your plants in our fully computer controlled closed-system climate chambers (‘Espas’) with additional isotopes and enrichments of your choice.

Labelling is performed under your preferred conditions, and on demand preceded by acclimation / incubation period.

Sampling & storage support (e.g. liquid nitrogen, dry ice, -80°C freezer) can be given. For your reports, IsoLife delivers data obtained by our labelling- and climate monitoring computer system.

custom labeling service

Custom pulse-labelling in the facility with 13CO2 during 6 hours for SIP-studies
(Kiers et al, 2011. Reciprocal rewards stabilize cooperation in the mycorrhizal symbiosis.
Science 333: 880-882). (see Applications)

Custom continuous labelling in our facility at 9 atom % 13C for feed passage and digestion studies in ruminants.

In situ labelling at your location
Pulse labellinginthefield
Pulse labellinginthegreenhouse

IsoLife provides project-based, customized 13CO2 pulse-labelling services in your own production facility or experimental settings, like your greenhouse or field plots.

Pulse-labelling on site for carbon allocation studies. (see Applications)


Contact us for available options for your specific conditions.

3Woody stem1/20/2008
6Tap root7/4/2006
0Cat. nr.Product0.1 g1.0 g5.0 g
1U-10008U-13C Cellulose high DP from potato39019958975
2N-1000812C Cellulose high DP from potato32014906710
3U-10308U-13C Cellulose from chicory4902780-
4U-10508U-13C Cellulose high DP from maize39019958975
5N-1050812C Cellulose high DP from maize32014906710
6U-10302U-13C Inulin from chicory490278012510
7N-1030212C Inulin from chicory37017407830
8U-10515U- 13C Lignocellulose from maize39019958975
9U-10001U-13C Starch from potato35016807560
10N-1000112C Starch from potato27010904910