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Useful links

Stable Isotope Introductions
YouTube: Explaining Carbon Isotopes
University of Georgia: Basic information about stable isotopes
Stable Isotope Facilities
UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility: analysis of several light elements (H,C,N,O)
IsoAnalytical: analysis of several light elements (H,C,N,O,S)
IsoTech: analysis of several light elements (H,C,N,O,S)
Stable Isotope Organisations
IsoGeoChem: Much information on applications, suppliers, etc.
BASIS: Benelux Association of Stable Isotope Scientists
BMSS: The British Mass Spectrometry Society
Stable Isotope Books
Springer: Stable Isotope Ecology.

B Fry

Cabi Publishing: Stable Isotopes in Human Nutrition : Laboratory Methods and Research Applications.

WW Wong
S A Abrams (eds)

Elsevier Scientific: Stable Isotopes and Plant Carbon-Water Relations

JR Ehleringer
AE Hall
GD Farquhar (eds)

Elsevier Scientific: Stable Isotopes In Pharmaceutical Research.

TR Browne

Wiley: Stable Isotope Forensics: An Introduction to the Forensic Application of Stable Isotope Analysis.

W Meier-Augenstein

Stable Isotope Journal
Taylor & Francis: Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies
Other Relevant Journals
Elsevier: Gastroenterology
ESA Journals: Ecology
SpringerLink: Metabolomics
Wiley: Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
ACS Publications: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Elsevier: Forensic Science International
Nutrition and Health
Food Valley
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