IsoLife – Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences


IsoLife supports from concept to conclusion

What we do

IsoLife offers a wide range of information and scientific advice to maximise your company’s use of existing and emerging stable isotope technologies. Our aim is to assist Life Sciences R&D departments meet innovation challenges.

IsoLife assists clients in medical, nutritional, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and ecological sectors by:
•  discovering and developing innovative products or applications
•  supporting research to establish a scientific basis for health claims
•  improving scientific research by initiating innovative projects
•  protecting products in the production chain by determining their authenticity.

IsoLife helps your worldwide research capabilities increase competitiveness by realising the potential of stable isotope technologies.

How we do it

Quick scan – We analyse your recent annual reports and strategic plans. An inventory of identified possible applications will be presented in a short report and discussed with company representatives and/or applicable department.

Deep scan – A deep scan also involves the analyses of recent annual reports and strategic plans, but is followed up by interviewing your departments employees and/or external experts working in your field.

Projects – Innovative project proposals can be elaborated in co-operation with your scientists.

Partner Search – Using our extended network, we can also help trace competent partners that are acquainted with stable isotope applications in your particular sector.

An agreement of confidentiality precedes any work.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about how we can help your company gain useful knowledge concerning stable isotope technologies.