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U-13C Cellulose High DP from maize

C CellulosemaizeHighDP

U-13C Hemicellulose


U-13C Starch

Cat nr.Product name0.1 g1 g5 g
U-10008U- 13C Cellulose high DP from potato540275012350
N-1000812C Cellulose high DP from potato36018208100
U-10308U -13C Cellulose from chicory540--
U-10408U- 13C Cellulose high DP from wheat620348015640
N-1040812C Cellulose high DP from wheat44022009880
U-10508U- 13C Cellulose high DP from maize540275012350
N-1050812C Cellulose high DP from maize36018208100
U-10521U- 13C Cellulose high DP from maize (high purity)620348015640
N-1052112C Cellulose high DP from maize (high purity)44022009880
U-11508U- 13C Cellulose from broccoli -inquire-
N-1150812C Cellulose from broccoli-inquire-
U-10009U- 13C Hemicellulose from potato620--
U-10309U- 13C Hemicellulose from chicory620--
U-10409U- 13C Hemicellulose from wheat6203480-
N-1040912C Hemicellulose from wheat-inquire-
U-10509U- 13C Hemicellulose from maize540275012350
N-1050912C Hemicellulose from maize36018208100
U-11509U- 13C Hemicellulose from brocolli-inquire-
U-10016U- 13C Maltodextrin from potato-inquire-
U-10017U- 13C Amylodextrin from potato-inquire-
U-12903U- 13C Beta-glucan-inquire-
U-10302U- 13C Inulin from chicory620348015640
N-1030212C Inulin from chicory44022009880
U-10001U-13C Starch from potato44022009880
N-1000112C Starch from potato30012005410
U-10401U- 13C Starch from wheat620348015640
N-1040112C Starch from wheat44022009880
U-10501U- 13C Starch from maize8905550-
N-1050112C Starch from maize5402750-
U-10428U- 13C Bran from wheat-inquire-
N-1042812C Bran from wheat-inquire-
U-10307U- 13C Fibre from chicory44022009880
U-10007U- 13C Fibre from potato44022009880
U-19818U- 13C Chitin from fungi172011690-

Application: Ecological Tracer in Stable Isotope Probing (13C SIP)

The guts of insects harbour symbiotic bacterial communities. Due to their complexity, it is challenging to relate a specific bacterial phylotype to its corresponding function. By in vivo Stable Isotope Probing (13C SIP) with U-13C cellulose and 15N urea as substrates and trophic links, the authors successfully unravelled bacterial networks recycling nitrogenous waste and processing recalcitrant dietary components.

See: Alonso-Pernas et al. 2017. Frontiers in Microbiology: 8: 291

Application: 13C Tracers in pyrolysis for biotech industry

The transformation of lignocellulosic biomass into bio-based commodity chemicals is technically possible. Fast pyrolysis, a relatively mature thermochemical technology, has now reached a commercial level, producing a high yield of an organic-rich liquid stream. However, the selectivity and recovery rates of bio-compounds remain low. To understand this, the use of fast pyrolysis microreactors is combined with mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, and mixtures of unlabelled and 13C-labelled hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin. The results confirm the origin of individual chemicals within the fast pyrolysis liquids.
See: Carrier et al. 2017. ChemSusChem: dx.doi.org/10.1002/cssc.201700984.

Application: 13C Tracers in photocatalysis for biotech industry

Lignocellulose is Earth’s most abundant form of biomass that may become a renewable fuel by generating H2. Solar-driven photocatalytic reforming of lignocellulose to H2 at ambient temperature offers a sustainable process but this reaction is cumbersome. Here, we report the light-driven photoreforming of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin to H2 using semiconducting cadmium sulfide quantum dots in alkaline aqueous solution. This system presents an inexpensive route to drive aqueous proton reduction to H2 through waste biomass oxidation.

See: Wakerley et al. 2017. NATURE Energy 2: 17021.

13C-Aromatic compounds

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U-13C Lignin from maize

C Ligninmaize
Cat nr.Product name0.1 g1 g5 g
U-40420U- 13C Lignin from wheat, native211014440-
N-4042012C Lignin from wheat, native181012360-
U-40507aU- 13C Lignin from maize, alkalisolv1720-
U-40507bU- 13C Lignin from maize, alkalisolv (high purity)211014440-
N-40507a12C Lignin from maize, alkalisolv14709880-
U-41507 U- 13C Lignin from broccoli-inquire-
U-40307 U- 13C Lignin from chicory
U-40007U- 13C Lignin from potato-
U-43607U- 13C Lignin from rice-inquire-

Application: Internal standard in Chemical Analysis

Understanding the mechanisms underlying plant biomass recalcitrance can be achieved by accurate analyses of both the content and structural features of the molecules involved. We aimed at specific lignin quantification with concurrent characterization of its structural features. Hereto, we prepared a novel polymeric U-13C lignin, using it successfully as internal standard for lignin quantification by py-GC-SIM-MS.
See: Van Erven et al. 2017. Analytical Chemistry 89: 10907-16.


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Cat nr.Product name0.1 g1 g5 g
U-20403U-13C Gluten protein from wheat172011690-
U-20001 U- 13C Patatin-inquire-
U-20002 U- 13C Rubisco
DU-20001 U- 13C + U- 15N Patatin
DU-20002U- 13C + U- 15N Rubisco-inquire-
Other proteins