Special Plant Products Examples: Custom Purification

Almost any compound present in plants can be delivered by custom production. The price of custom purification of specialties is often high. When you are interested in a particular specialty, IsoLife can find the necessary purification expertise and will help you to find fundings

Major groupsExamples
13C-Carbohydrates U- 13C Raffinose
U- 13C Ribose
U- 13C Stachyose
U- 13C Verbascose
13C-LipidsU- 13C Campesterol
U- 13C Ergosterol
U- 13C Cholesterol
U- 13C Episterol
U- 13C Eburicol
13C-ProteinsU- 13C Crude seed proteins
U- 13C Globulin
U- 13C Trypsin-inhibitor
13C-Organic acidsU-13C Phytic acid
13C-Vitamins U- 13C Vitamin A
U- 13C Vitamin B
U- 13C Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
U- 13C Riboflavine (vitamin B2)
U- 13C Vitamin E